How to Prepare for a Meeting Successfully

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There are some key actions that can help you ensure that you’re ready to meet with success. No matter if it’s for a project planning meeting or an employee performance review, investing the time and effort into your preparation can make the difference between a productive meeting and one that is a waste of time.

Set the agenda and distribute any reading materials you’d like participants to review in advance. Communicating these ahead of the meeting helps ensure that everyone has an idea of what’s in store and be able to effectively participate in the meeting. You can include these in your invitations or share them via internal comms. Make sure you’re certain of what is essential to read and what’s a nice addition.

Prepare for any obstacles that may be encountered during the meeting and come up with a plan on how to handle these. If you wait to bring these issues up during the meeting could result in the waste of time in the meeting as everyone tries to get up to speed on a topic that could have been solved earlier.

Don’t forget to set up an efficient system for recording and sharing meeting minutes as well as other documentation. This will ensure that the momentum continues after the meeting and ensure everyone is aware of what was discussed and agreed upon in the meeting.

Finish the meeting by making an agenda that includes the most important points. This will make everyone feel more confident about the next steps to move the discussion or project ahead. This is a great way to end the meeting and make everyone feel like they are part of an integrated group that is capable of meeting its objectives.

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